Hot Selling Products    
proimages/04/big/02.JPG Meltblown Depth Filter Cartridges
■ Produced by unique melt-blown technology.
■ High efficiency absolute and nominal grade.
■ Attractive low cost.
■ Certificated by NSF42 and FDA CFR Title 21.
proimages/04/big/03.JPG Pleated Filter Cartridges
■ Media available in PP microfiber or PES, Nylon, PTFE membrane.
■ Absolute filtering efficiency over 99.9%
■ Larger filtration area than competitors.
■ Enhanced dirt-holding capacity and life time.
proimages/04/big/04.JPG Active Carbon Filters
■ Active carbon cartridge in various grade.
■ Reduce Chlorine, bad taste and odor effectively.
■ Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity & long working life.
■ In compliance with NSF and FDA requirement in material and process.
proimages/04/big/05.JPG Liquid Filter Bags
■ Absolute competitive price.
■ Various media and specification in different sizes.
■ Sewn or welded execution.
■ Special specification acceptable.
proimages/04/big/06.JPG Stainless Steel Filter Housings
■ Made from strictly selected stainless steel material in SS304, 316 and 316L.
■ Competitive price, visable quality and performance.
■ Single or multi-cartridge/bag housings for general, high-tech and heavy-duty applications.
proimages/04/big/07.JPG Beta200 Filters
■ Beta 200+, glassfiber media with SS mesh support layer.
■ Meet or exceed ISO test standards.
■ Replaceable for most of major brands.
■ For hydraulic and lube filtration.
■ Portable filter cart is also available.
proimages/04/big/08.JPG Precise Air Filters
■ Highest efficiency and contamination control capability for maximum system protection.
■ Highest beta stability through the element life.
■ Rugged construction for resistance in system pressure and fluid surge flow variations.
proimages/04/big/09.JPG Hot Melt Glue Series
■ EVA, Polyamide, Polyolefin, Synthetic rubber base
■ Stick, pellet, pillow, block…in shape
■ Wide applications for industrial and DIY markets
■ ISO 9001 certificated process
proimages/04/big/10.JPG 3 Seconds® Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
■ Ultra fast curing speed.
■ Liquid, gel (non-dropping) type available.
■ Low-whitening type, high impact type…
■ ISO 9001 certificated process.
proimages/04/big/11.JPG MXLOC® Anaerobic Series
■ Prevent screws or parts from loosening.
■ Reducing unnecessary maintenance expenses.
■ Wide usage for aircraft, boats, automobiles, air tools, vibration machines
proimages/04/big/12.JPG BondMax® AB Glue, Epoxy
■ Modified acrylic A-B glue
■ 2 components Epoxy
■ Fast fixture lock
■ Excellent bonding strength
proimages/04/big/13.JPG Glue Applicators
■ Industrial/professional glue guns.
■ Regular and small type glue guns for DIY market.
■ Compact sized hot melt applicators for continuoes operation.