ADHESION main products    
 proimages/expa1.JPG Hot Melt Glue Series
■ EVA, Polyamide, Polyolefin, Synthetic rubber base 
■ Stick, pellet, pillow, block…in shape 
■ Wide applications for industrial and DIY markets 
■ ISO 9001 certificated process
 proimages/expa2.JPG 3 Seconds® Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
■ Ultra fast curing speed. 
■ Liquid, gel (non-dropping) type available. 
■ Low-whitening type, high impact type… 
■ ISO 9001 certificated process.
 proimages/expa3.JPG MXLOC® Anaerobic Series
■ Prevent screws or parts from loosening. 
■ Reducing unnecessary maintenance expenses. 
■ Wide usage for aircraft, boats, automobiles, air tools, vibration machines
 proimages/expa4.JPG BondMax® AB Glue, Epoxy
■ Modified acrylic A-B glue 
■ 2 components Epoxy 
■ Fast fixture lock 
■ Excellent bonding strength
 proimages/expa5.JPG Glue Applicators
■ Industrial/professional glue guns. 
■ Regular and small type glue guns for DIY market. 
■ Compact sized hot melt applicators for continuoes operation.